This blog is a running collection of my college essays. For other examples of my work, please head to my Behance Portfolio or my LinkedIn.

My name is Haley Fox–you can call me Haley or Fox, I answer to both. Some of the things I enjoy are intramural dodgeball, the French language, and graphic design. I play the ukulele, snowboard in the winter, and love making tea. I’m always adding to a running list of my favorite movies, and I have to admit that I really enjoy anime, and a list of what I’ve watched is in the drop down from this page.

Right now, I’m really into short story anthologies, and I’m reading…
Make Something Up: Stories You Can’t Unread by Chuck Palahniuk

My favorite book from my childhood is:
Redwall by Brian Jaques

My favorite book of all time is:
Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

Here’s my biography from hen I used to write a tea column with Wolverine CuZine, to give you another idea about who I am:

By this point, my veins probably pump more tea than blood. For my fifth birthday, I received a miniature Delton tea set for two in a white wicker basket. The year after that I received my first (and only) family heirloom – my great grandma’s fine china teacup and saucer, decorated with a delicate violet sitting next to a robust sunflower. As long as I can remember, tea has been present in glasses and pitchers and mugs, scattered through my home like so many days in the summer when my father would brew sun tea in the choicest patch of light on our back porch. Call it overly poetic, but I think that’s why I consider being a tea lover one of the dominant aspects of my personality. That’s also may be why I like writing about it so much. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. This gets the job done. You might consider adding links to some of the things you mention here. You also might decide to call this page something other than straightforward “ABOUT.” And in the process, you could choose to explain more about the purpose of the blog (as you see it).

    Quick note about your GoodReads widget — I’ve always thought there are two kinds of people in the world: smart people and people who hate Animal Farm. Glad to know which team you’re on.

  2. My go-to haunt when I’m trying to get some work done is Goldfish Tea Cafe in Royal Oak. Ever been? Put it on your list next time you’re in town, like, you know, when you’re visiting the zoo. Order the Chai smoothie.

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